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Cover 7/2
Obálka / Cover
Content and impressum
1 - 3
Obsah a impressum / Content and impressum
Traditional ecological knowledge and skills: hemp plants cultivation and use by a local community (Velčice village case)
Pavol Eliáš
4 - 14
Článok / Article
Analysis of selected social aspects of Liptovská Teplička population
Milena Moyzeová
15 - 22
Článok / Article
Selected problems of research of cross-border aspects of application of ecological principles in tourism
Marek Łabaj, Bartłomiej Walas, Maciej Abram, Michal Kovačic
23 - 37
Článok / Article
Potential of tourism in Pezinok
Nikola Svetláková
38 - 48
Článok / Article
Reconstruction of oak woodlands history in SW Slovakia: a synthesis of folk forest name nomenclature, history, ethnology and ecology
Alexander Fehér
49 - 70
Článok / Article
Imprint 7/2
Tiráž / Imprint

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