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Cover 12/1
Obálka / Cover
Content and impressum
1 - 3
Obsah a impressum / Content and impressum
Dynamics of threatened and endemic alpine species in the Western Tatras
Andrej Palaj, Martina Michalová
4 - 14
Článok / Article
Essential oil of juniper berries (juniperus communis l.) in interaction with soil reaction
Vladimíra Vargová, Zuzana Kováčiková, Elena Pangyová, Filip Dimitrov, Stanislav Baxa
15 - 26
Článok / Article
The change in landscape structures also impacts a change in biodiversity of beetles (coleoptera)
Oto Majzlan, Peter Gajdoš
27 - 46
Článok / Article
Demographic analysis and perception of changes in the agricultural landscape of the Nová Vieska municipality
Milena Moyzeová, Andrej Raniak
47 - 67
Článok / Article
Assessment of landslide susceptibility using statistical predictive modelling of random forests and logistic regression in the selected flysch zone
Mária Barančoková, Peter Barančok jr., Peter Barančok, Matej Šošovička
68 - 88
Článok / Article
The faunistic evaluation of the insect praticol communities (insecta) in the mountain regions Babia hora and Pilsko (Horná Orava protected landscape area, north Slovakia)
Radoslav Kvasničák, Martina Macúrová, Simona Nováková
89 - 109
Článok / Article
Imprint 12/1
Tiráž / Imprint

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